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If working one-on-one with clients doesn't seem the right fit or if the time commitment doesn't work for you, consider joining one of our committees.  Committees work to make sure the center is staying on task and able to continue the work we've started. 

  • Do you like events?  Does fundraising and raising awareness get you excited?  Do you feel compelled to insure that the ministry can continue?  Consider joining our Development Committee.  The Development committee meets each month from January to October.  They plan, organize and run our fundraisers.  They help raise awareness in the community about the center and are the driving force that keeps the center open and serving our community.     
  • Our Program Committee evaluates the programs our center offers.  We want to ensure that we are meeting current needs within the community.  This committee meets one to two times each year to assess the effectiveness of each of our programs and to evaluate what needs to be added, updated or replaced.
  • Are numbers your thing?  Maybe you feel passionate about the ministry but no other place seems to be the right fit.  The Finance Committee meets three times each year.  This important committee reviews our books and helps to make recommendations for the centers finances.
  • Are you handy?  Does working with your hands and making improvements whether functional or cosmetic make you feel useful?  Our Facilities Committee meets 1-5 times each year depending on the needs of the center.  This committee makes sure that the facility is adequate, well maintained and in working order.  When necessary the committee meets more often but when the facilities are in well working order, this committee will only meet once each year.  
  • Do you like organizing events but fundraising isn't your cup of tea? We have just begun a new committee that seeks to build relationships with the local church. Unlike our development committee, this group does not raise funds but seeks to reach out to the local church, build relationships, and bridge the gap between the local congregation and the outreach ministry of Pregnancy Help Center. If this is something you feel is important, consider our Church Relations Committee.
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