A Client Story

"Janet" came in for parenting classes.  She needed parenting classes and items for her and her child.  She was single  parenting and feeling very overwhelmed.  Each time she came in she would yell at her child and become frustrated easily.  She began taking classes with a client advocate who would patiently explain pieces of the material and display using what she was learning with her child.  After a few weeks, I heard this client tell her child what behavior she wanted to see.  When her child began to disobey she quietly said, “Now that’s one.”  Immediately her child changed his behavior and began to do as his mother requested.  At that point she told him, “Thank you for listening to mommy.”  We were so excited.  She had learned a new skill and her child was responding.


Building Stronger Families Through Truth and Education

Going Medical!

We are so close to our goal!
Thank you to all of those
who have brought us a
few steps closer to saving the
 lives of the unborn!

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