Going Medical

The next few years are pivotal for Pregnancy Help Center.  It has become increasingly clear that God has positioned us to add limited medical services.  These services include ultrasound and eventually STD testing.  Offering ultrasound services to an abortion minded or abortion vulnerable woman has the potential of increasing the likelihood of her choosing life for her baby  by 80%.  Imagine! You could help Pregnancy Help center move it’s effective rate from 20% of the clients choosing life for their babies to 80% or more!

You may ask why STD testing would be pertinent in a pregnancy center ministry.  Each week the center fields at least one call regarding STD Testing.  This is another opportunity to reach more individuals in the community.  This also provides an excellent environment in which to more effectively promote abstinence  in a more effective environment .  When a client is concerned about the potential for having an STD, she is more likely to listen to an abstinence message and think about making lifestyle changes that can effect her as well a her current and future children.

Our fundraising goal for launching our "Going Medical" project is $85,000. We have currently raised just over $63,000. If you would like to give to our "Going Medical" fund, please click here.


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