Forgiven & Set Free Post Abortion Recovery
  • A safe place to process thoughts & feelings connected to abortion
  • Cope with symptoms of Post Abortion Stress
  • Reconciliation with God & your child
  • Tools for spiritual growth & healing

Grief, guilt, shame, anger, & other emotions are symptoms of Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. This confidential study helps you work through & move beyond the pain. 

Have you experienced:

1. Fear of others finding out?

2. Reacting physically to the word abortion?

3. Struggling to turn off the feelings connected to your abortion?

4. Fear that you may not be able to have children in the future?

5. Depression, illness or accident-prone around the anniversary of the abortion or due date?

6. Resentment of anyone because of his or her involvement in your abortion?

7. A change in your attitude on relationships?

8. Nightmares or flashbacks related to the abortion?

9. Preoccupation with the aborted child?

10. Difficulty accepting God's forgiveness or forgiving yourself?

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