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Common Adoption Questions

Why would I consider adoption?

Right now you may just not be ready to parent. You may want a two-parent home or more stability for your child.


Can I choose the couple who will raise my baby?

Absolutely! You will asked you what kind of family you have in mind and select biographies of couples that match your criteria. You will be shown bios until you find a family that really, really excites you!


How committed am I to you and adoption?

There is no contract. There is no obligation. Just be honest about your feelings, your needs, and your commitment. We don't want anyone to get hurt. We encourage you to tell us if you are feeling unsure about adoption.


When do I sign the papers?

You will sign after the birth of your child, usually 24-48 hours later.


What if I change my mind?

You can change your mind at any time during your pregnancy or after the birth, as long as you have not signed the adoption papers. Once you have chosen to sign the consent, you cannot change your mind.


What if I'm under 18?

It's still your decision. Your parents have no legal right to the child and there are no grandparent rights in the state of Indiana.


How do I tell my family?

You'll be surprised how well they respond when they hear the confidence in your voice, feel your commitment and see your maturity.


Can I get letters, pictures, and visits after the adoption?

Yes. You should discuss your wishes before placement, so you are all in agreement. Most couples would like to share pictures and letters, and most will do visits after placement, if you wish.


How do I deal with everyone's opinion of my pregnancy?

We know the opinions of your parents, friends and family matter to you, but, ultimately, what you think is most important. No one has to live with this decision but you.


How do I know that my baby will be in a good home?

Licensed agencies do their own screening of adoptive families. They assure the stability and financial security of families in a solid marriage. They pass criminal and CPS screens, are approved as healthy by a doctor, and present proof of income. They must attend sessions at the agency, be visited by a counselor in their home, and attend home study classes. They have a true understanding of your needs for communication and sharing, and are happy to provide it.


What will my child think of me later?

Families have a strong respect for our mothers, and want your child to feel that same love and respect for you. The home study is an educational process that covers when and how to tell the child they are adopted, how to handle their many questions as they grow, and to give them a strong sense of confidence. They will always love and respect you.

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